Fancy Cookies Y'All~

Hey folks, Cupcake Dust had just expanded their area to Fancy Cookies!

These are the gingerbread cookies we've made for Atikah Zahir's wedding as part of her VIP's wedding gift. =)

Want some cutey gingerbread man too? =D No problem. We are also offering gingerbread man cookies for regular orders. A minimum of 4 cookies for RM10. (Price inclusive of decoration)

It's Floral Design Season!

We're back people~~ Sorry for all the delays, ups and downs. =D We're starting fresh again this year with FLORAL designs for these 2 months. Our first collection is Chrysanthemum! Please refer to "How To Order" page for price rates and details. =) Have a nice day everyone~

Second Collection, Sunflower & Grassy Grass!(wait.. is Grass considered under Floral?? =D)

1st December, 2010

Hey everyone! We are in the process of rebranding our company as we are expanding our baking experience to cater our customer needs. Please do check on us from time to time! =)


It has been A Loooonnnggg Tiiimmmeee

Hey folks, yes yes yes, long time no update! Haha! But not to worry, here are some of what you have miss so far (Can't help it larr, final semester last time, but I've graduated already! (^^)V)

Cupcake Birthday Orders!
Thank you Nazrin!
Theme: Beach Island
Flavour: Red Velvet with Chocolate Filling
Topping: Cream Cheese Frosting

Wedding Cake + Cupcakes
Thank you Kak Rose!
Theme: Purple
Flavour: Pound Butter Cake
Topping: Fondant

The touch of a mother's hand... ;)

Cupcake Orders!
Thank you Shelian!
Flavour: Chocolate, Vanilla, Choc Chip
Topping: Soft Fondant

A Cake For The Office
Thank you Marhaini!
Flavour: Eggless, Butterless, Milkless Rich Moist Chocolate Cake (VERY HEALTHY INDEED!)
Topping: Butter Cream (Plain & Oreo!)

Cuppies For Little Hannah ^^
Thank you Hannah Dear!
Flavour: Banana
Topping: Butter Cream

Ooooohhh.... what do we have here? It's Muffins!!
Choc Chip Muffins

Birthday Occasion

Occasion : Birthday
Date : 20th June, 2009
Cupcake : Chocolate Chip

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